A survival guide for the mothers and fathers of dancers and an information kit for the bewildered. This is a truly great site. Heaps of excellent links. Results of various competitions are posted also. Photo gallery.

This is the official website for the Australian championships – being held in Sydney in 2004.
This site has over 1000 photos taken at the 2004 Nationals.They are taken by a NSW Aisling School parent - you will need time to find yourself in them!!
These are the photos taken by the official photographer at the 2004 Syndey Nationals.



Terrific site. Lots to play with!! Lots of set dance tunes to listen to. Dresses for sale – reasonably priced. Information about overseas competitions


This site can get you to where you need to be. It is an on – line map system. You type in the address of where you are and then the address of where you’re going and it shows you the way. You can print the map also. For example. If you are going to the 2004 Queensland State Championships at the Ipswich Civic Hall, type in your address and the address of the Ipswich Civic Hall (cnr of Nicholas Street and Limestone Street Ipswich). This site will take you from your house to the ICH – and even show you where the nearest parking is. Now you have no excuses for running late.

This is a chat forum which is for all of Australia. Worth a read.
This is a Queensland Irish dance Chat forum. Not much action to date but perhaps now you Queenslander’s know it exists you can pep it up a bit…
This covers all types of dancing. Click on the box that says “Irish”. Good for getting tips on your technique.
Very informative – this is a HUGE site.


This is incredibly important if you are surfing the net. I have noticed that the larger sites will add pop-ups and spyware to your computer. Viruses can also jump on via your emails. Run the following programs to minimize problems and speed up your computer. They are all free programs. Check for updates to them often - they will become out of date. Run them after every session and program your computer to auto-run them on a regular basis.

Adaware –
Follow the trail – download adaware – run it – save an icon for it onto your desktop. After you run the program it make a great “farting” noise to tell you it’s finished….

Spybot – Search and destroy - search for it in google – sorry – I had trouble getting this one up.

Avg –
A good anti-virus program.


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